About Us

Xiamen yundong network technology Co., LTD was founded in August 2012 with the purpose of developing mobile games on android OS,IOS and WINPhone. We have a great team, each teammate has years experience on game’s development, they was mostly worked in excellent domestic game develop team which has several successful games.

We pay attention to the game development technology, and we has autonomous 3D game engine. We can develop games in shot time by our technology and game design capacity.

Since we were founded in 2012, we have released dozens of games on Google Play, AppStore and winPhone Store, and 4 games breaks 10 million download mark, 4 game has been downloaded over 5 million times, and 80% games has been downloaded 2 million times at least. All of our games has breaked 100 million download mark and has over 10 million online users until August 2013.

We will keep rapid growth by attracting talent which in game development, we will give user great games and other entertainment production constantly.

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